Pantoú is an italian ceramic craftsmanship brand

Pantoú Ceramics was born with the fruitful contamination between artistic cultures. Is a ceramics brand whose ambition is keeping alive centuries old ceramic art heritage translating it into contemporary languages.

From sicily to Emilia romagna

From Sicily, we moved down Faenza ( Emilia – Romagna ), world-renowned Italian ceramic centre, where we have consolidated us knowledge regarding ceramic and have started collaboration with people from the sector, including Bottega Vignoli whom we now share the studio in a fruitful coworking relationship.

our story

Our story begins in Caltagirone, one of the most renowned centres for sicilian ceramic art in Italy as well as place where we were born and grown immersed in ceramic art.

Driven by desire to make contemporary ceramics maintaining, we went to look for different cultures and we have deepened the history of ceramics. We have learned traditional techniques and have studied the chemical of ceramic materials in order to lay a solid foundation on which to build a strong project. 

our commitment

We strive to create a artistic contemporary, reality without being tied to the reproductions of ancient style but able to maintain the quality of artistic traditional craft


Giampaolo Santoddì

Design and modelling

Ilaria Biffara

Decoration and comunication

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